‘The Muppet Show’ Joined Forces With These 11 Classic Rock Stars, The Skits Are Timeless


In 1976, The Muppet Show premiered and allowed for children who grew up on Sesame Street to keep watching Jim Henson’s creations. The series lasted for five seasons and brought in some classic rock stars to sing, dance, and goof around.

Basically, the series was about a TV variety show that starred the Muppets. Like Saturday Night Live, the show would have special guest stars each week, but the bulk of the jokes came from backstage chaos between organized sketches.

Kermit the Frog was the only Sesame Street regular that made it to the show, so every other character was brand new for the series. Over the years, the Muppets worked with artists like Elton John, Prince, Johnny Cash, and many more.

Plus, in addition to the classic rock stars, the Muppets had their own rock star named Animal. During Season 2, he rocked out to “Wild Thing” on the drums.

The first certified performer and classic rock icon was none other than Elton John.

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