Larry Gatlin and the Gatlin BrothersLarry Gatlin and the Gatlin Brothers singing “Stand Up And Say So” in the official music video (photo from

Larry Gatlin and The Gatlin Brothers visited Fox & Friends to play their song, “Stand Up And Say So.” The tune is a blatant bashing of Hillary and her political-ness. 

Gatlin started his life and career humbly, hailing from Abilene, Texas. The group’s roots started in 1955 when Larry was just six years old (Steve was four and Rudy was two). They’ve been making music ever since. They’ve won plenty of awards, including a Grammy for their song, “Broken Lady,” a Lifetime Achievement Award from the state of Texas, and they even got to visit the White House on several occasions. 

They recently made an appearance on Fox & Friends to play their song, “Stand Up And Say So.”

Watch Larry Gatlin and The Gatlin Brothers play “Stand Up And Say So” on Fox & Friends

This song is in the documentary, “Hillary’s America,” which is about revealing the secret history of the Democratic party. 

“In the fall of 2014, outspoken pundit, author, and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza found himself hauled into federal court for improperly donating money to a friend who was running for the Senate,” it says on the documentary’s website. “D’Souza plead guilty, apologized for his offense, and was sentenced to eight months in a state-run confinement center by liberal Judge Berman.

“In the facility, he lived among hardened criminals—drug dealers, thieves, gangbangers, rapists, and murderers. His exposure to the criminal underclass provided an eye-opening education in American realities. For the first time, he saw America for what is was, not what it ought to be. America is a nation of gangs, with the biggest, most powerful gang—led by President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the Democratic Party—inhabiting the federal government with the intent of stealing the wealth of the American people.

“But HOW is the Democratic Party stealing America?”

Well, D’Souza gives us a bit of insight into how…

“Now I see that the ideological convictions of Obama, Hillary, and the progressives largely spring out of those base motives and that irrepressible will to power,” he says in the documentary. “The progressives have unleashed a massive scheme for looting the national treasury and transferring wealth and power to themselves, and their ideology of fairness and equality is to a large degree a justification — a sales pitch — to facilitate that larceny…”

“By seeing the world through their eyes, I widened my own angle of vision. Their subculture gave me insights into the larger culture. And this book is an attempt to trace the contours of that wider moral and political landscape on which most people sleepily dwell.”

If true, these are frightening words for conservatives.

Check out the trailer for “Hillary’s America” below:

In light of all this, the Gatlins got involved with the movie by contributing this song.

Check out the official music video for “Stand Up And Say So” below.

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