What do we know about Thomas Rhett’s family members?

source: SheKnows
source: SheKnows

Sometimes we forget that country stars are people, too. We forget that they have family, best friends, and personal friends. 

Thomas Rhett seems like a down-to-earth type of guy. He’s loyal to his wife, and seem like a normal person. As further evidence of that, here’s a little bit about each of his family members.

Rhett Akins — father

Thomas Rhett
Thomas Rhett and his father, Rhett Akins (source: The Boot)

He followed in his father’s footsteps. And Rhett Akins has always had music flowing in his veins. He grew up in his Valdosta, Ga., in a very close family that loved to support him in his musical endeavors whenever they had the chance.

Rhett made a demo tape and got it in front of Decca Records, who quickly signed him to a recording contract. His first album, “A Thousand Memories,” dropped in 1995 and received critical acclaim and gave him his first No. 1 single, “That Ain’t My Truck.” The next year, he wrote another No. 1 single, “Don’t Get Me Started,” which was on his second album, “Somebody New.”

Thomas Rhett inherited some pretty good musical DNA.

Paige Braswell — mother

Thomas’ mother went to Valdosta High School and then went on to graduate from Lipscomb University in Nashville. 

She seems to be a big supporter of her son’s work — his Facebook page is the only music Facebook page she likes. She also likes to go to his concerts and cheer him on. The caption for one of her recent Facebook photos reads, “Just having some fun with my favorites at TRs last show opening for Aldean.”

Thomas Rhett
Paige Braswell with husband, Tim Lankford, and Lisa Dunaway Gregory (source: Facebook)

But, like any mother, she enjoys just sitting down with her boy and having a meal and/or a drink. Back in July, Thomas apparently showed up and crashed her girls night out. Paige’s caption of the photo depicting this incident says, “TR crashed my GNO tonight. It was so much fun!!”

Thomas Rhett
Thomas Rhett and his mother, Paige Braswell (source: Facebook)

Kasey Akins — sister

Thomas Rhett
Kasey Akins with her and Thomas’ mother, Paige (source: Twitter)

The more you look at this family, the more you realize that are close-knit. Thomas’ younger sister Kasey texts her parents on a regular basis.

She likes to tweet screenshots of text messages, and one of them is between her and her mom (Paige Braswell). Another is between her and her dad where he tells her to wear a jacket.

Thomas Rhett
A text message convo between Kasey and her and Thomas’ mother, Paige Braswell (source: Twitter)
Thomas Rhett
A convo between Kasey and her dad (source: Twitter)

She even got a text from her dad in April of last year about seeing The Rolling Stones in concert. 

Thomas Rhett
A convo between Kasey and her dad (source: Twitter)

Clearly, she and Thomas were raised to keep family close.

Lauren Gregory — wife

Thomas Rhett
Lauren Gregory (source: Heavy.com)

You probably know a lot about Lauren already. She and Thomas were on-again-off-again through high school, almost married different people, and eventually got back together. And we know Thomas relies on her for his songwriting.

“Lauren is so funny because Lauren is kind of a genre-less person, which is probably where I get it from,” Rhett told Nash Country Daily. “She doesn’t see these lines. It is either a good song or a bad song. Lauren gets bored very easily. She’s not one of those people that I could go play a song like [George Strait’s] ‘The Chair’ to and her be entertained. She’s like ‘eh, whatever.’ There’s nothing wrong with that. I look at her like I look at 80 percent of my female fans. So if Lauren digs this song, I’m pretty certain that most every other girls her age is going to dig this song.”

She seems to be his rock, in a way.