Watch Luke Bryan’s Breath-Taking Duet With An ADORABLE 6-Year Old


Luke Bryan got upstaged, by a 6-year old. The “Country Girl (Shake It For Me)” star had a serious fan in his New Jersey audience who he pulled onto the stage with him. And when 6-year old Kylee got in front of the crowd, she had no stage fright. The adorable little girl took over the mic and had no issue trading lines of “Someone Else Calling You Baby”.  And Luke had no issue being upstaged.

“Someone Else Calling You Baby”

Kylee, upstage, "Someone Else Calling You Baby"
Adorable upstage (photo from Picssr)

Bryan was singing his “Someone Else Calling You Baby” when Kylee was lifted up by the crowd. The adults passed her forward in what looked like a move to possibly high-five Bryan. But instead, Bryan took her by the arm and actually pulled her onto the stage. And from the start, the crowd loved it. 

During the performance, Kylee wore denim shorts, boots, a plaid shirt, and a cute cowboy (er, cowgirl) hat. She was darling. She also knew all the words. And so when she got on stage, she was actually serenading Bryan. She was also dancing.

A Record Deal

Luke with his adorable fan (photo from Cute n’ Country)

Given her enthusiasm and charisma, Bryan decided to give her some time on the mic. Kylee was all about it. She alternated lines with the country star as he motioned for the crowd to join in (which they did). It was adorable.

After the two finished their song, Bryan asked the crowd to give it up for Kylee. After giving her a big hug, he sat her down and had a few questions for the precocious singer. Luke first asked her how old she was, and his disbelief that she was only 6 was obvious. Then he asked her, “Can I sign you to a record deal tonight? Are you ok with that?” Kylee didn’t miss a beat. “Yes!”

Damnedest Thing

No stage fright for this fan (photo from KEAN Radio)

“Kylee just got a record deal right here tonight. I have never seen a child do what she just did onstage,” Bryan said. 

Even if Kylee never makes it big in country music, her famous “Someone Else Calling You Baby” is certainly one of the most adorable things in country music history. As Bryan put it, “That’s the damnedest thing I’ve ever seen.” You can watch the pair perform in the video below.