3 EPIC Tim McGraw Soul2Soul Backstage Cover Songs


The only thing better than seeing Tim McGraw on stage at Soul2Soul is seeing the footage of him backstage. The “Live Like You Were Dying” singer often records his warm-ups and jam sessions. And the results are spectacular. From classic country to new hits, McGraw completely brings it home on his cover songs. Here are three favorites. 

3. “I Do”

This particular Soul2Soul backstage performance has Tim McGraw performing a cover of the Luke Bryan hit, “I Do.” Bryan released the song as the lead single from his 2009 Doin’ My Thing album. What is really cool about this cover (aside from the fact that McGraw arguably sings it better than Bryan) is how much fun McGraw has. He consistently leans in to one of his musicians, completely sending the guy into giggles. Bonus feature: McGraw’s sleeveless shirt.

2. “Dixieland Delight”

This Alabama cover is stunning. It’s a song Alabama released as a single from their 1983 Closer I Get album. And there are just so many things to love about this backstage performance. First of all, they shot it in black and white, which gives a classic ambience to the classic country hit. Secondly, Tim McGraw performs it with Midland. And their harmonies are impeccable. You can hear McGraw in the mix, but the blend is so beautiful that you really have to listen for it. And can we just point out that his sleek black shirt tucked into the dress pants does an absolutely amazing job of showing off just how flat his abs are. That gym time ain’t for nothin’! 

3. “Unwound”

Another classic country tune, this one is a cover of George Strait’s 1991 hit from his Strait Country album. Backstage at Soul2Soul, Tim McGraw (again dressed in head to toe black a la Johnny Cash) covers it with Eric Paslay. One of the really cool things about this video is the prominent role of the fiddle. Despite being one of the most classically country instruments, you rarely hear fiddle in country anymore. But this one gives the fiddle its due.


Tim McGraw, cover, backstage, Soul2Soul
Tim McGraw (photo from Grammy)

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are currently on their second year of Soul2Soul, extending the tour internationally. Hopefully this season’s tour will continue to produce these amazing backstage cover performances.

What song do you want to see Tim McGraw cover?