Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Share Secret for Marriage Success


Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have an incredible marriage. Not only in their ability to stay in love but to stay in love with two full-time music careers, three children, and an intense tour. The couple are again on their Soul2Soul tour, spending more time together than ever. Yet despite all of those demands and challenges, the pair have weathered the storms of marriage and remain happy. So what is their secret to having a successful marriage?

What’s the Secret?

Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, marriage, secret, success
Tim McGraw and Faith Hill (photo from Wide Open Country)

When Tim McGraw met Faith Hill more than twenty years ago, he knew the chemistry was magic. And Faith Hill knew it, too. They both had other partners but also knew that they couldn’t walk away from each other. So they locked on to each other and never looked back. Now they have more than two decades of marriage under their belt and are the parents of three daughters. So what is their secret?

In truth, there is no magical formula for success. According to the couple, it’s all about decisions. In an interview with the Associated Press, the couple explained.

No Magic Formula for Marriage Success

Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, marriage, secret, success
Tim McGraw and Faith Hill (photo from Us Weekly)

“Look, there is no secret. Either you like one another or you don’t. You want to stay married or you don’t. You work at it, or you don’t. Simple as that. It is not always easy and there are moments that are rocky,” Faith Hill said. Tim McGraw agreed, adding that commitment is key. “You don’t walk away,” he said.

And Faith Hill also said that for her, it’s worth it, even if it’s more difficult.

“I would rather live a life in rocky road ice cream than vanilla any day of the week,” she said. “Honestly, vanilla gets boring after a couple of days.” Her husband smiled at this and replied, “So, I am not vanilla!”

Certainly, their fans do not see them as vanilla. They love seeing the chemistry of the two. Soul2Soul was such a huge hit that they brought it back in 2018. And as a couple, they continue to show a strong, united front. So rocky or not, they are loving and living life together.