The Unrivaled Respect Brantley Gilbert Has For His Fans


Brantley Gilbert has substance and depth under that gritty exterior. From songs about how crazy anyone is to love him, to sultry party anthems, to soul-searching ballads about his struggles with addiction, Gilbert injects his work with raw emotion. And as such, his fans love him. His fans are so dedicated that the Grand Ole Opry actually did a show about them. So just how much does Gilbert respect the love his fans extend to him? A lot, it turns out.

Fan Loyalty

Brantley Gilbert, fans, respect
Brantley Gilbert (photo from iHeartRadio)

In an interview with Billboard, Brantley discussed his writing, his songs, and the relationship he has with his fans. “God’s been good, and my life story has always given me a lot to write about. There’s been some good, some bad, and some ugly. I’ve been able to share it all,” Gilbert said. And it likely that sharing that instilled such loyalty from his fans. But that isn’t the only thing. 

Another reason why Gilbert fares so well with his audience is that he recognizes who is actually coming to see his shows. And he knows the sacrifices they make to do. 


Brantley Gilbert, fans
Brantley Gilbert (photo from

“These are my people,” Gilbert said. “I feel like when it comes to Rust Belt states, you are talking about people who know all about hard work, and know about going through some things in life, but they keep moving and keep grinding. I like to think that one of the themes of all of our records is about getting knocked down and getting back up, and working hard – make sure you know where your heart’s at, and you’ll be alright.”

Brantley Gilbert Shows Respect

Brantley Gilbert, fans, respect
Brantley Gilbert (photo from NY Daily News)

Gilbert also went on to describe the sacrifice his fans make. “When you do those kind of numbers, it hits you harder, and makes you appreciate it that much more. These are really hard-earned dollars and blue-collar hours, and a lot of calloused hands paying good money to come and see the show. That’s one of the best feelings in the world.”

Not all artists have the respect for their fans that Brantley Gilbert does. But seeing how much he does only makes this fan like him even more. What do you think?