The Cutest Pets Of Your Favorite Country Artists Are So Adorbs


What is more adorable than someone who deeply loves their pet? Little else. There’s just something so sweet about seeing the bond between human and animal. And just like the rest of us, country artists love their cats, dogs, and other fur children. So who has the most cutest pets of country music? We have all the ones you need to see.

Miranda Lambert

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Miranda Lambert with horse Sophie (photo from One Country)

So is anyone at all surprised that Miranda Lambert made the list? Seriously, she is all about her canine companions. And she has several. In fact, in an interview with Redbook, she said that she has two priorities in life. “Music and mutts— pretty much all I live for are those two things,” she said. 

And aside from her own personal fur children, she is so devoted to dogs that she set up her own foundation with her mom, Bev Lambert. Her MuttNation Foundation helps rescue dogs and find forever homes for them. They also support no-kill shelters and also helped dogs displaced by Hurricane Harvey. 

As for her own children, Lambert cares for more than just dogs. She also loves horses. Here she is pictured with her horse Sophie, whom she dresses up as a unicorn. 

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