If you’ve been following Duck Dynasty or the Robertson, you probably know that Jep Robertson has a history of drug and alcohol abuse. Well, he recently revealed more about that.

Jep RobertsonJep Robertson was a druggie, a drunkard, and on his way to no good until his loved ones staged an intervention (photo via ABC) Speaking at the Salvation Army’s Circle Of Service banquet in May 2017, he explained more about “one of the dumbest things” he’s ever smoked — a “wet daddy.” He said it’s basically “a joint soaked in formaldehyde that had been stolen from a funeral home.” And this includes his trying “a hit of LSD in some weed.”

During his freshman year at college, he went to a Halloween party where he saw a friend of his brothers. They got super drunk together and did a ton of drugs. He woke up the next morning on the side of a gravel road with no idea how he got there.

“I was cold, hungover, all skinned up with big bloody scratches, and lying on my back with one leg still hanging in the open door of my big green Chevy pickup truck,” he said. “It was like a black hole in my mind, and I hoped I hadn’t run over somebody or hit something.”

Source Credit: Heavy.com

After this, his family planned an intervention. His reaction: “What took you so long?”

“My family put me on house arrest for three months at home!” he said. “And I studied my faith all over again. And I realized I’d been counting on my father’s faith and just being able to say, ‘I’m with him.’”

He finished his speech by talking about how all of these crazy experiences made him a better father and husband.

“I try to spend as much quality time as possible with my children and talk to them about faith,” he said. 

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