How Miranda Lambert’s ‘Women Creators Scholarship’ Inspired This New Female Songwriter


Miranda Lambert is serious about helping other women. She has long been an advocate for more female airplay on country music stations. But that isn’t her only outlet. Lambert also funds the Miranda Lambert Women Creators Scholarship to promote women in songwriting. Now in its second year, the scholarship is already making a difference in the lives of the women it reaches. 

The Struggle of Women in Country

Miranda Lambert, scholarship, women
Miranda Lambert (photo from First for Women)

Miranda Lambert knows how hard it is for women in country music. It’s a genre still dominated by frat boys and old white guys. A genre that continues to celebrate the more traditional sex roles and celebrate women as sex objects. In fact, country music has come under fire in recent years for its latent (and at time overt) sexism. This is especially true in the current era of bro country (and the #metoo movement).

And it isn’t just a theory that women have it more difficult in country music. Female artists routinely get less airplay– something Miranda Lambert has complained about for years.

“It’s B.S., straight up! Carrie Underwood still struggles, and that just blows my mind because she’s got a million hits and she’s Carrie Freakin’ Underwood. I tell them at the radio stations, ‘Just play one of us; it doesn’t have to be me. Then we all win.’ I’ll fight for it until I can’t no more,” she told Redbook in October 2017. 

And never one to just lie down on an issue about which she is passionate, Miranda Lambert also decided to put her money where her mouth was. 

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