On the coat tails of their family announcement that Duck Dynasty is cancelled, the Robertson family also publicized that they will be holding a fundraising event for the Mia Moo Foundation. This is your chance to scoop up some Duck Dynasty memorabilia!

The Robertson Closet Cleaned Out

photo by @missyduckwife via instagram.comphoto by @missyduckwife via instagram.com

Missy Robertson, wife of Jase Robertson, advertised the “Robertson Closet Clean Out,” on her Instagram account. Missy wrote, “Don’t miss this. Sale starts tonight on Facebook (link in bio). 100% proceeds go to @miamoofund!” She also hashtagged “Every kid deserves a smile.”

Missy is the mom of Mia Robertson. Mia is one of the many Robertson grandchildren featured on the Duck Dynasty series. Mia was born with a cleft lip and palate. Her family established the Mia Moo fund in her honor to help other children and families who share the same struggles.

The Whole Gang is Involved

Judging from Missy’s photo collage, we expect many Robertson family members to be involved. Both Sadie and Korie Robertson are pictured. The mother-daughter duo are known for their fashionable style. There are sure to be many fans hoping to steal something from their closets. Jep, Missy, and Mia are all pictured. Allan’s wife Lisa, is also pictured. It’s unclear why these family members were added in, but we can only assume their inclusion means they are helping out with the charity sale!

Facebook Format

photo by @missyduckwife via instagram.comphoto by @missyduckwife via instagram.com

The Facebook event “Robertson Closet Clean Out,” states it will be ongoing from November 18th-25th. The description states, “It’s that season and the Robertson’s are cleaning out their closets for CHARITY! Don’t miss out on clothes, shoes, and even some furniture from the Robertsons.” Items are being posted live. Fans were instructed to comment SOLD and their email under items they would like to buy. 

Prices You Can’t Beat

photo by Jordan McGee via facebook.com

The items are being posted with their pricing. So far everything has seemed incredibly affordable. The sweater above sold for $18. The Laminin dress below was sold for only $20.

photo by Jordan McGee via facebook.com

It seems mostly girls’ and womens’ clothing are being posted at the moment. Furniture and other items may come later. 631 people had responded as “attending” the event. However, 323 people said they were “Interested.” Hopefully the Robertsons raise quite a bit for the fund!

What is the Mia Moo Fund?

Mia Moo Fund - Every Kid Deserves a Smile...miamoo.org

100% of the proceeds from this “Closet Clean Out” are going to the Mia Moo Fund. So what is that exactly? Their website states, “The Mia Moo Fund is a fund of the Worldwide Foundation which is the 501(c)3 charitable organization. Your donations to the fund are tax deductible.” They aim to spread awareness to families about treatment options and doctors. They also provide support for families of children with cleft and lip palate. On top of this support, the fund also facilitates with research about the causes and prevention options for cleft and lip palate.

This is a great cause and unique way to fundraise. Check out the closet clean out for yourself!

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