Fans Wonder What Luke Bryan Wants From Blake Shelton After THIS Comment


Luke Bryan is turning green with envy over Blake Shelton. The “Play It Again” singer admits that he’s a bit jealous over Blake’s new title as Sexiest Man Alive title. It isn’t the first time the two have had some sharp-edged humor with each other.

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Boy Jealous

ET Online met up with Luke Bryan to ask about his feelings about Blake Shelton being named Sexiest Man Alive. In the interview, Bryan admitted his feelings about Blake’s new title. 

“I’m a little jelly,” Bryan said. However he followed up with,”[But] I think he ought to enjoy [it].”

“It’s very flattering and I’m happy for him. I want to go on the record and say that I’m proud of my guy,” Bryan stated. “And for all of the people out there that are giving him grief, I mean, Blake is a good looking guy and he deserves it.”

Bryan also said that he felt bad for roasting Shelton about the honor, especially after others jumped on the bandwagon. 

He again defended Shelton on Extra. “Yes, I know… it’s the topic… you know I roasted him in the beginning… and now that the world is coming at my guy. Blake, come on, you know, he’s a good looking dude.”

Blake Shelton (image from Billboard)

Jealous History

This isn’t the first time Luke and Blake have had some jealousy between them. Back in 2015, when Blake became an official item with Gwen Stefani, things also heated up between the friends.

During Bryan’s interview with Entertainment Tonight at the CMT Artist of the Year Awards that year, Stefani came up. Bryan was asked if she was attending the awards. He responded, “You know what I don’t know, he won’t tell me. He doesn’t want me to hug her or anything. [Blake] doesn’t want me to meet her.”

Of course, he was just joking. However, it did become a bit of news, as sources noted that Shelton might be jealous of Bryan. Likely that wasn’t true, but if it was, then maybe Bryan’s jealous moment is karma. After all, turnabout is fair play.