6 Things To Love About George Strait in Pure Country


Despite being more than 25 years old, George Strait remains incredibly endearing in his starring role in Pure Country. It’s a sweet story about a man who becomes disillusioned as a performer and goes back to his hometown. And of course, there is a love story that parallels the storyline. And it is also an instance of art imitating life to some degree. Here is a look back on George Strait’s major film role and 6 things we love about him in it.

6. A Reluctant Star

George Strait, Pure Country
George Strait as Dusty in Pure Country (photo from YouTube)

Part of what we love about George Strait in Pure Country is that he was a reluctant star. And this is somewhat true of George Strait in general. He doesn’t give a ton of interview. And he doesn’t talk much about his personal life. 

Rolling Stone reported about George Strait’s role in the film. And according to their story, producer Jerry Weintraub recalled how Strait didn’t want to do the movie.

“[Strait] was kind of hesitant at first,” Weintraub, who also managed John Denver and was a former concert promoter, told Country Music in 1992. “He said to me, ‘What do I have to gain? I sell a lot of albums. I’ve got a great life. What is this going to do for me? And I don’t know how to act.”‘

This is emblematic of how George Strait is in the rest of his life. Reporters describe him as competitive, but he is also humble. He’s really down-to-earth and grounded as a star, someone who has remained married to the same woman for more than 40 years. And so it is quite fitting that he was a reluctant star.

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