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Kaley Cuoco is an avid yogi. She has been known to love taking hot yoga, known as Bikram yoga, in her Hollywood town. She loves it so much it seems that she’s brought it onto the TBBT set quite a few times. Do you remember these scenes involving Penny doing Yoga with friends?

This Yoga Filled TBBT

This TBBT opened with Penny and Raj practicing Yoga together. A pretty fun exchange happened:

Raj: You know downward facing dog comes from the sanskirt phrase Adho Mukaha Shavasana?

Penny: That’s beautiful, what does it mean?

Raj: Downward Facing Dog…

Pretty hilarious. Plus, Raj seems to be pretty up to speed on the practice. Penny doesn’t have to teach him much, unlike when she taught Sheldon…

Sheldon and Penny Do Yoga

This TBBT episode wasn’t the first time Penny has been caught practicing yoga. In season 7 episode 13 Penny and Sheldon are found in the living room bending over backward so to speak. In this clip, Penny seems to be the teacher. Sheldon’s alarmed facial expressions are hilarious. He even points out, “I’ve read that there are great yogis that have such great mastery over their bodies they can draw water in through their genitals.” EW, and LOL.

When Leonard walks in on the pair performing the unlikely exercises he asks Sheldon got talked in to Yoga. Sheldon says, “Well to be honest I thought she said Yoda.” Hilarious.


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