You’ll Never Believe The Gift That Garth Brooks Gave To This Expecting Couple


Forget the surprise-inside cake, bootie photographs, and tea parties. If you want your baby gender reveal to be over-the-top amazing, enlist the help of country music’s biggest star to make the announcement. And then sit back and watch him give your baby an incredibly amazing gift. 

amazing gift
Garth Brooks gives amazing gift to new parents (photo from Rolling Stone)

The Reveal

Garth Brooks loves to engage his fans at concerts. Any Brooks fan knows that the megastar pays attention to the signs in the crowds. It isn’t uncommon for him to stop shows and address the sign owners, or even meet with them. Such was the case with Wesley and Katy Hansen, who were expecting their first child.

The couple attended one of Brooks’ Los Angeles performances. In the hope that Brooks would assist them with their gender reveal, they brought with them a sign that read “Working on a full house! Boy? Girl?“– and their sealed ultrasound photo. 

The sign definitely caught Garth’s attention. 

Brooks stopped the show and brought the couple to the front of the crowd. They informed him that they were expecting and didn’t know the sex of their baby. Then they offered him the ultrasound envelop. “You don’t know, and it’s in here?” Brooks asked. “All of the sudden I’m nervous!”

After the couple informed him that the baby would be named Brooks regardless of sex, Garth cleverly revealed the gender to the parents and crowd, “I’ve got to tell you that I’m extremely happy for you because I have three of these,” Brooks said (Brooks has three daughters).

And that was just the start.

The Amazing Gift

Not only did Garth do the gender reveal, but he stepped up the game more than the parents could have imagined.

First, he told them to remember to raise her as a strong woman. “Now you tell [her] that [she doesn’t] need some stinking boy to tell them how cool they are,” he instructed.

And then he extended an incredibly generous gift. “We’ll make a deal,” Brooks said, “If I am still alive when Brooks goes to college, we’ll pay for her college.”

The couple was visibly moved. It’s not surprising. The video is definitely a tearjerker. How awesome was Garth’s gift? Tell us how much you love Garth Brooks in the comments.