Sadie Robertson is quite the world traveler. She has a very active social media presence with an incredible 2.8 million followers. Here’s what the Duck Dynasty starlet has been up to this week.

Sadie Robertson Singing Praise

photo by @legitsadierob via instagram.comphoto by @legitsadierob via

Sadie is a multi-talented girl. She posted a video of herself singing a praise and worship song this week. The video has accumulated almost 850,000 views. She wrote, “Songs like this help me get through life. Constantly on repeat in my head is how beautiful the name of Jesus is. Nothing can compare to the name of Jesus. You have no rival. You have no equal. Now and forever, God you reign.” Sadie has been featured on her family’s Christmas albums in the past and recently moved to music city, Nashville Tennessee. 

Promoting Her Fashion Line

photo by @legitsadierob via instagram.comphoto by @legitsadierob via

Sadie Robertson recently collaborated with Forever 21 and Wild Blue Denim to create the “Sadie Robertson Holiday collection.” Sadie filmed herself in a sped-up video as she put on different layers from the line. She wrote, “Do a fast motion video” they say…”It will be cute” they say…”Show off how you can layer” they say…well I’m not professional Instagramer obvi but I do have a pro tip. Don’t wear a bun and try to put on a hoodie in a fast motion video.”

Welcome December

photo by @legitsadierob via instagram.comphoto by @legitsadierob via

Sadie welcomed in December with a flirty photo. In the Instagram post Sadie wrote, “you know you are twirling right on into December when these are your recently used emojis ????☃️????????” However, fans were quick to point out that Sadie’s outfit was less than Winter-weather appropriate. It’s not her fault though- West Monroe Louisiana is warm year round. The Robertsons are hardly ever in need of bundling up.

Supporting Her Sister


Most recently, Sadie has been on vacation with her family in Mexico. The Robertsons headed south for the wedding of Rebecca Lo Robertson and John Reed Loflin. Sadie wrote, “Last night was MAGIC. Now it’s wedding day,” and, “rehearsal dinner time<3.” It seems the entire Robertson family is enjoying their stay in paradise. Sadie will be a bridesmaid for her older sister.


Roma Boots and Sadie Robertson


photo by @legitsadierob via instagram.comphoto by @legitsadierob via

Sadie also took some time to promote another collaboration. She partnered with Roma Boots to create some adorable rain boots. Sadie wrote, “Shop my collection with@romaboots for CyberMonday! Use code “SADIE” to get an awesome deal!#RomaBoots #LiveOriginal.” These boots help in the fight against poverty. Every time a pair is purchased the company is donating a pair of boots filled with of school supplies for girls in need.


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