The 17 Best Country Music Star Throwback Photos


It’s amazing what fame and fortune can do to improve your looks. And country music stars are no exception. Looking at them now, it’s easy to forget that they were once rather ordinary. But they were. So here are the best throwback pics ever, sure to make you want to run out and hire your own stylist so you too can have such a transformation.

Blake Shelton

country stars, throwback, pics
Blake Shelton (photo from Closer Weekly)

Once upon a time, the Sexiest Man Alive rocked a mullet. And it was also a weirdly dark color, which was quite the contrast next to his pasty white skin. He looks more like the guy playing video games in his mom’s basement than the outdoorsy Oklahoman. Add that to his ill-fitting jeans and you can see the miracle his stylist created. But don’t think that Blake Shelton is ashamed of his former Billy Ray Cyrus glory. He has threatened to bring back the mullet.

Miranda Lambert

country stars, throwback, pics
Miranda Lambert (photo from Closer Weekly)

Unlike her ex-husband, Miranda Lambert never went through an all-out-early-famous-awkward phase. But she has certainly improved her style over the years. Her makeup, hair, and clothing choices are certainly more sophisticated. And in recent years, she dropped 20 pounds, giving her a sleeker frame for those red carpet gowns. So even though her early style was nothing to sneeze at, her more recent looks are definitely best-dressed worthy.

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