JUST IN: Kenny Chesney’s New Album And Just What We Know Right Now


He’s a country heartthrob with an island vibe. The kind of guy who makes you want to throw off your shoes…and maybe something else. And now Kenny Chesney is releasing a very special new album.

No Shoes Nation
Kenny Chesney, No Shoes Nation (photo from theboot.com)


Chesney’s new 30-song, double-disc album, Live in No Shoes Nation, is unique in that it’s completely comprised of live performances. More to the point, it’s comprised of his favorite live performances.

The country megastar has had countless tour dates, so in deciding which ones to include, he shared with People that he had “simple” criteria: “Magic.”

He told People that the passion of his fan base struck him. He described it as “unbelievable.” This inspired the album. It’s also what fuels him.

“Some of these tracks — you just hear it,” Chesney said. “For me, when I started listening to the tapes, what struck me — and stayed with me — was how much passion [my fanbase] No Shoes Nation really has. These people come year after year. They live these songs every single day, and you can tell when you hear them sing — or look in their eyes — that they know what these songs are about, where they came from.”

“That’s what makes these performances — even the quiet ones like ‘One Step Up’ from the Stone Pony, ‘You and Tequila’ or ‘Happy on the Hey Now,’ from a very special Gillette Stadium show — stand out.”

No Shoes Nation
Kenny Chesney sings to No Shoes Nation fans (photo from Kenny Chesney World)

“It’s a party.”

Chesney has some incredible guests for his live performances, and these are part of the album. These include guests such as Taylor Swift, Grace Potter, Dave Matthews, and Eric Church.

He said his fanbase makes him feel happy and honored. The star described them as “people who lived life with a lot of passion, who worked hard and had fun hard, loved where they were.”

He summed it up this way, “When I walk out onstage every night, that’s how it feels: like a big get-together where I come from! It’s a party, but it’s so much more. It’s celebrating how we all live and love and just come together.”