Will Carrie Underwood Make Zombie Cameo On The Walking Dead?


So it turns out that one of the sweetest gals in country music has a gory side. Carrie Underwood is a huge fan of the zombie-apocalypse AMC hit, The Walking Dead. Not only did she throw a TWD-themed birthday party, she even requested a part on the show. But will the girl who’s won practically every award in life get her death wish granted?

Love of The Walking Dead

Underwood is a long-standing The Walking Dead fan. As early as 2013, the “Jesus Take the Wheel” singer admitted to her love affair with the show. In a Marie Claire interview, she said that she held watch parties on her tour bus. She even admitted that she made the bus driver move the bus to improve the reception.

And for her birthday party last year, Underwood actually had a TWD theme, complete with a gory zombie-themed cake from her good friend Ivey Childers. The cake has a bloody club on top of a zombie-vault, with hands covering the outside. Underwood captioned the photo of the crazy confection with the words, “She knows me so well…cake and new exercise toys! Imma shove my face into this later.”

Zombie Now

Carrie Underwood, The Walking Dead, zombie
Carrie Underwood (photo from Footwear News)

But the ultimate zombie experience would be to actually appear on the show. In an interview on the Today Show, Underwood said that she would love to make a guest appearance, despite a previous awkward encounter with Jeffrey Dean Mogan, AKA Negan. Carrie said that she ran into him at the Golden Globes. When he told her she looked beautiful, she replied, “You look like Negan!” 

When asked if she wanted to be zombie or hero, she said that she would prefer to be a zombie. One of the other guests pointed out how much time the special effects makeup takes, but Underwood said it wouldn’t be that different from what she does to get ready now for shows (though we think it difficult to believe that Carrie Underwood the star and Carrie Underwood the zombie would be a similar effort).

So will the country superstar get her wish? The Walking Dead returns February 25. Maybe there’s a zombie part waiting for her this season. You can watch her full Today Show interview in the video below.