The Dream That Inspired Blake Shelton To Write “Savior’s Shadow”


It was a dark time in Blake Shelton‘s life. His marriage to Miranda Lambert was crumbling. Sadness felt overwhelming. And in that state, Shelton did what many do in his situation–he reached out to God. And according to Shelton, God responded in his dream.

“Savior’s Shadow”

Blake Shelton (photo from Geni)

Country music has always been a bit of an odd mix. On one hand, it’s whiskey, women, and heartache. On the other, it’s God, mom, and apple pie. Shelton‘s God-inspired “Savior’s Shadow” certainly puts him squarely in that mix. And according to, it’s also what helped save his life.

Shelton knew his marriage to Miranda wasn’t working. As he said in his godtv interview, “It became apparent that, you know, things weren’t going to work out with my marriage. We both knew that it wasn’t going to work out.”

So he went to sleep in the hope that the next day would be better. And as was the case with ancient prophets, God spoke to him while he slept. Shelton said that he cannot remember the precise contents of the dream, but he began humming the first four lines after waking. He immediately grabbed his phone and wrote the lyrics “I feel the rain / I hear the thunder / As He cries for me.” 

Those lines were some of the most seminal of his life.

Source of Comfort

The lines Shelton penned after his dream from god became a significant source of comfort for him as he went through his divorce. 

He admits that he didn’t know what to make of them at first, but then they made sense to him. “At first I thought it was that I’m so sad and pitiful that even God feels sorry for me and He’s crying for me. And then I thought, ‘No, it’s just that He’s on this journey with me,” Shelton said.

He also shared that he didn’t record the song with the thought or intent that it would be a top hit. Instead, he just wanted to share the message that helped him through his dark time. And reading the last line, it is easy to see how it was a source of comfort:

“Though the devil try to break me / My sweet Jesus won’t forsake me ‘ When I’m in my Savior’s shadow … I’m who I’m supposed to be.”

You can watch the “Savior’s Shadow” video above.