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Image result for amy and sheldon fightphoto by We’ve got the new synopsis for the next Big Bang Theory episode, and it seems like Amy might be leaving Los Angeles. What does this mean for The Big Bang Theory, and Mayim Bialik?

The official synopsis for The Big Bang Theory Season 10 episode 23 reads, “Amy is offered fellowship at Princeton, Raj makes new living arrangements and the Gyroscopic Project is spinning out of control.” If Amy is offered a fellowship all the way in New Jersey will she take it?

It appears yes. The Big Bang Theory Season 10 finale synopsis has been released and reads, “The gang is concerned when Sheldon’s (Jim Parsons) former admirer, Dr. Ramona Nowitzki (guest star Riki Lindhome), resurfaces while Amy (Mayim Bialik) is away at Princeton.”

So it looks like Amy will take the fellowship after all. We don’t know any of the details about this fellowship. Is it long term? Short term? Just seasonal? Will Amy and Sheldon become long distance? We could definitely see how this couple’s long distance romance could create some funny situations. Skyping with Sheldon is hilarious, and Amy definitely knows how to communicate.

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However, we’re concerned. Sheldon and Amy were just starting to really get some momentum in their relationship. Although Sheldon called their moving in together an “experiment” it definitely seems like he’s grown used to it, and enjoys having Amy around.

Mayim Bialik is Here To Stay

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We do know for certain that Amy will not be leaving the show. Mayim signed the two season renewal contract along with the rest of the cast. It has been reported that she and Melissa Rauch will receive a large raise, thanks in part to their co-stars offering up 100,000 dollars each of their own salaries.

So Mayim Bialik is here to stay, but are Sheldon and Amy forever? We guess we’ll have to watch and find out. Will you be tuning into the Big Bang Theory season 10 finale episode?

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