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The Best Randy Travis Songs of All Time

By C. Murph | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-11-03


Randy Travis
Randy Travis has written several hit songs, won multiple awards, and has built a solid reputation for himself (source: ABC News)

Randy Travis is one of the biggest icons in country music in recent decades. Even non-country fans know his name, and it’s because he has written hit after hit.

Travis rose to fame in the 80s. And despite his run-ins with the law throughout the years, his music still permeates country music and his reputation still stands.

“The peak of a career can only last so long,” Travis said once. “You go up and you try to maintain it. But, it can only last so long and then you’re going to go down.”

Travis certainly has hit the highs, and those highs have made him a classic in country music. Here are seven of the best Randy Travis songs of all time.

“Deeper Than the Holler”

Turn on the radio and switch to a country station, any station. Listen long enough and you’ll hear this song. Travis’ performance of — especially vocally — took this song to No. 1, adding to his reputation as a superstar country artist.

“Better Class of Losers”

Randy Travis and Alan Jackson teamed up to write this song for the former’s “High Lonesome” album. Even though people may have overlooked the song because of Garth Brooks’ “Friends In Low Places,” “Better Class of Losers” jumped to the Top 5.

“I Told You So”

This one came out in 1988, and it’s a good’n. He released it when he was at the top of his game — it climbed to No. 1 in June of that year. Then, over 20 years later, Carrie Underwood covered the song, made her single, and made it a hit for a new generation. Underwood and Travis recorded a duet of the song, which reached No. 2 on the Billboard country charts.

“On the Other Hand”

Travis was such a huge fan of this song that he put it out twice, the first time in 1985 and the second time a year later. The second time, the song went to No. 1 in North America.

“Diggin’ Up Bones”

By the time 1986 rolled around, Travis was rolling in the success. This song helped its album, “Storms of Life,” win Album of the Year at the ’86 ACM awards. Truly one of his best.

“Forever and Ever, Amen”


Obviously, this one had to make the list. It’s probably the most well-known tune from the Travis arsenal. The song is simple yet deep. It’s just a classic love song. In fact, it made our list of the best country songs for a wedding — and for good reason.

“Three Wooden Crosses”

This is easily Travis’ most inspiring song ever. In 2003, it won Song of the Year at the CMA Awards. But by the early 2000’s, Travis had started to have a difficult time writing and releasing hit songs. However, when it came to “Three Wooden Crosses,” no one could deny its beauty. And his older age fit the wisdom in the song. 

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C. Murph

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