Rise and shine yogis! While a cup of coffee may be calling your name, your yoga practice is singing a more balancing tune. Start your morning off right with these five yoga poses to wake up in bed and get ready for a great day ahead.

Child’s Pose

Let’s begin with this gentle pose to stretch your upper body. With your knees spread apart and your toes touching, sit with your legs folded beneath you. Place your forehead in front of you on the bed as you bring your chest between your legs and stretch your arms ahead or at your sides.

Yoga PosesImage Credit: Off Your Mat

Seated Twist

Now it’s time to wake up the spine! Sitting on the floor, bend the left knee and cross the right foot over, placing the right foot on the outside of the bent knee. Place the right hand on the floor and bring the left elbow to the exterior of the right knee. Twist the spine and hold for one minute before switching legs.

Yoga PosesImage Credit: POPSUGAR

Fish Pose

Spending too much time hunched over a desk? According to HuffPost Lifestyle, this pose relieves tension in the neck to counterbalances these effects. With your legs stretched out in front, sit up and bring your hands underneath your hips as you lean back and position yourself up on your forearms. Stretch your chest above your shoulders and extend your head behind you. Hold this pose for 15-30 seconds.

Yoga PosesImage Credit: Pineapple Yoga Studio

Lying Hug Pose

Next, lie on your back and bring your knees to your chest. Grasp your calves as you extend your head off the ground. This one’s perfect for back pain!

Yoga PosesImage Credit: Daily Burn


Finally, you’re ready to get in the movement flow! As you sit on your hands and knees, inhale and extend from a tabletop position to an arched back on the exhale. As you inhale again, reverse the movement. This time, bring your chin towards your chest.

Yoga PosesImage Credit: POPSUGAR

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