These DIY projects with soda cans will help you recycle. Wait, I used that intro before. From another article about crafts that involve recycling.

So why do we keep posting crafts that involve recycling? Well, we’re publishing these crafts because of the following reasons:

  1. We like to prove that crafting should not always be expensive;
  2. We want to raise awareness that recycling is not always a “dirty job”;
  3. We want you to start recycling things, too.

Anyways, here are craft projects you can make from soda or beer cans.

DIY Projects With Soda Cans: Cookie Cutters

If you are baking for a kids party, cookies would not be absent on your menu. And most of the time, you bake those cookies yourself.

To make them more appealing, you use cookie cutters to form the cookies into different shapes. If you haven’t bought a set of cake cutters yet, you should try this project first before buying.

Soda and beer cans are made of thin metal, that is why you can cut their bodies easily using a box cutter or a pair of scissors.

Once you have cut the soda cans, from them using your hands into different shapes. Be careful as you can still get cut by the edge of the soda can strips.

Close the shape by applying a nontoxic adhesive on the ends of the strip. Apply hot glue on the upper side to cover the sharp edge.

Read a full instruction here.

DIY Projects With Soda Cans: Lanterns

You can call them lanterns or candle holders depending on how you will use them.

They are also pretty easy to make. It literally just takes two steps to make these lanterns. (And two materials! Three if you count the candles.)

Just cut vertical slits on the body of the can using a cutter. Space your slits depending on how wide you want your slits to be.

After cutting the slits, push the upper and lower portion of the cans closer together so that the slits pop a bit outside.

You can also twist the upper part a bit if you want the strips to have a spiral form. Insert the tea candles on through the slits and place it wherever you like.

If you intend to use this as a lantern, you should put a handle or something you can use to hang it.

DIY Projects With Soda Cans: Ornaments

These ornaments can be used to adorn your Christmas trees come December.

You can do these ornaments by doing the same process as the lanterns above. But instead of pushing the ends just a bit closer, push them together.

You can create star-shaped ornaments by cutting five slits on the can’s body.

If you want to make something exactly like the ones pictured above, you may read the instructions here.

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