DIY Halloween Props to Up Your Trick or Treating Game

By Jessie Domingo | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-10-02

We always give our best when it comes to Halloween parties and these DIY Halloween props will make sure this year’s party of yours will be a hit.

Halloween is one of those times of the year when people suddenly realize they’re actually crafty, or need to be crafty. One of those times when you can fully understand the saying, “necessity is the mother of invention.”

There’s something about Halloween that makes people want to beat one another when it comes to decorating their yards, porches, and homes. It’s like there’s an unwritten law to always have Decor Wars during trick or treating season.

If you plan on joining and winning this year’s Halloween Decoration War, these DIY Halloween props will come in handy:

DIY Halloween Props: Cloaked Figures

Why are cloaked figures considered spooky, by the way?

Hahaha. Figured out the answer: the Grim Reaper and those creepy hooded skeletons in movies. Also the Dementors in Harry Potter, and the WHAT in Lord of the Rings.

What makes cloaked figures scary is the mystery it poses. Who… or what is behind that cloak? What lurks behind that shadow?

Read a full tutorial of the cloaked figure pictured above here.

If you want easy-to-make cloaked figure DIY Halloween props, you just need some piece of fabric, quick drying fabric stiffener, and balls.

For the simpler version, get a ball and place it on a stand such as twisted hanger. Next, cloak the ball with the fabric, and arrange the fabric to create an illusion of it being blown by the wind.

After you’re satisfied, spray it with stiffener. Wait for the fabric to stiffen and remove the balls and wire underneath.

DIY Halloween Props: Harry Potter Floating Candles

Not just for Halloween. I could make this for our dining area and leave them there for the whole year.

Technically, you will not be using real candles because of the following reasons:

1) You don’t want wax dripping on your food while eating;

2) Candles are hard to balance on an unstable object; and

3) You don’t have the time to light them manually every time. can read a tutorial here.

(I did not mention “Fire Hazard” because it goes without saying, but I said it.)

You will need toilet paper rolls, glue gun, paint, and flameless votives or light ornament in the shape of a flame.

first, make some melted wax design using the hot glue on the cardboard roll. After this, paint the “candle” with white paint, and place the “flames” on top.

Hang them using thin strings to make them levitate.

See a full tutorial here.

DIY Halloween Props: Glowing Eyes in the Dark

A favorite scene in all your well-loved cartoon series, and Disney animation.

Scenario: the main characters walk into a dark area, and suddenly see many pairs of glowing eyes staring at them.

This effect can be done in real life by cutting various pairs of eyes in individual pieces of toilet paper roll. After this, put glowsticks inside the cardboard rolls. Learn how to cut the “eyes” here.

Place these specifically in the bushes or dark corners of your homes or yards and wait for the first people who’ll get creeped out.

Give them the number of your psychologist to prevent the occurence of nightmares. Hahaha.

Check our next articles for more DIY Halloween props and decorations.

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