Fall Crafts to Get You Excited for Autumn – Part 1


It might still be 90 degrees where you live right now but hey, Pumpkin Spice Latte is already available. And we all know what that means: Starbucks has already announced the start of Fall.

We’ll start this series with four fall crafts using one of the most popular fall crafting items: autumn twigs. Now this is one thing that you could find all throughout the year. Actually, you could do a lot of things using twigs. 

Fall Crafts Idea # 1: Twigs Fall Wreath


Autumn twigs are very versatile, but perhaps one of the most famous uses of twigs in crafting are for wreaths. Whether you have thin, long pieces of twigs or short and thick ones, you could make fall wreaths for your doors. Fall wreaths are very easy to make and provide a very welcoming feel to your home.

There are various ways to make fall wreaths. First you could glue the pieces of twigs on a base, which is typically a ring-shaped piece of plywood or other sturdy materials. Others prefer to weave each piece of twigs with one another in order to create a ring (this is if your using bendable twigs).

Fall Crafts Idea # 2: Candle Holders


This one gives a rustic feel and a touch of elegance to your regular glass candle holders, depending on how you decide to do it.

One way is by gluing twigs around the candle holder. This is a good idea if you’re not after getting the candle’s light. It will be perfect for scented candles, especially those with complementary scents.

Fall Crafts Idea # 3: Stacked Twigs Frame


Who knew that stacked twigs can turn into an adorable frame? This one, like almost all crafts can be executed using different methods.

You could either really just stack twigs one by one until you come up with something like the one pictured above. You could tie them together or glue them with one another (or both!). I recommend using rope for a rustic feel.

Another way to do this is by taking a boring picture frame and gluing pieces of twigs on it. You could paint the twigs, put varnish or leave it as is.

Fall Crafts Idea # 4: Twigs Table Runner


Nothing says fine dining like a fancy table runner (or a fine meal and wine, actually). A twig table runner will be a perfect addition to your Thanksgiving table.

The example pictured above is a simple and easy to make version of a twig table runner. First, cut the twigs into 12-inch pieces to ensure an even look. You could skip this step if you prefer a more asymmetrical look. The next and final step is to glue the twigs to a strip of ribbon.

If you want something more complex, you could do this by using your rope-knotting skills to create a table runner without using adhesives. Of course it would be more difficult, but the finished product would look one-of-a-kind.

There you go, our first four DIY fall crafts to make for Autumn. Are you excited for autumn? Be sure to check back on our page for the next articles in this series.