DIY stamps are getting popular because of people’s desire to have their personalized seal for invitations, letters, and other printing projects.

Stamps are not just for paper, but can also be used on fabric, wood and concrete.

You’re probably thinking about buying those ready-made stamps in stores that have either your initials, custom symbols, or decorative motif. These are good for certain projects but sometimes, you need something unique or different in size.

What are you going to do? Buy a new one? If you’re Bill Gates, it’s okay. But if you’re broke, don’t want to spend a lot, or just going to use the stamp once, it may not be ideal.

Worry not, because you can make your own DIY stamps from things that can be found in our homes.

DIY Stamps with Cork

If you’re consuming a lot of wine (Cersei?), or if you live in a house where wine is a staple drink, you could use those discarded corks into personalized stamp.

The hardest part of this project will be cutting the design in cork. First, draw your design on one end of the cork. Make sure the design is not that complicated for your work to be easy.

After drawing, use X-Acto knife to cut away the part of the cork you don’t need for your design. Make the stamp at least a fourth of an inch thick. This is to achieve a clean stamp.

If you want a bigger stamp, you could purchase a corkboard. Simply draw your design on the corkboard, cut the parts that needs to be cut. After this, apply it to a flat bottomed thing such as bricks or a block of wood.

Happy stamping!

DIY Stamps with Craft/Scrapbooking Foam

This is a two-step method. First, find the piece of foam you want to stamp your stuff with. After that, simply Attach to the end of a cork or anything that can be used as a handle.

Just choose the design you want. There are ready-made designs, but if you want a custom design, you could just cut a scrapbooking foam sheet.

DIY Stamps with Buttons

This one’s also very easy.

Just get one (or more!) of your best-looking buttons. You can use those buttons with embossed design or the simple plastic ones. It’s really up to you.

After selecting your button/s, attach them to a piece of cork, or anything you could use as a handle.

DIY Stamps with Erasers

For this project, you will be needing one of those simple, rectangular erasers. The size will depend on what and how big you want you design to be.

First, just draw your chosen design on the eraser using pen. After that, carve the parts you don’t want to be shown on the stamp using a cutter.

Same as the cork stamp, raise the design from the rest of the rubber by at least one-fourth inch thick.

DIY Stamps with Strings

Ropes can be used to make stamps using patterns letters or design.

You can just tie yarn or thin rope on a flat piece of wood, metal, plastic, or rubber and stamp it side by side on any medium. This will create a seamless pattern.

If you want a custom design such as a shape or letter, you could do this by gluing a rope to your desired design to any flat-bottomed thing. If you’re using hot glue, make sure you to apply it thinly so it won’t distort your design.

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