Camping Tips for Cold Weather


Winter is coming and I’m not talking about Game of Thrones. It’s getting cold soon and if you’re camping in cold weather, there is a need to prepare. Winter may seem like an off season for camping, but if you learn to camp right, it can test you. There is nothing more gratifying than surviving some time in the frigid cold. It strengthens you, gives you courage, hope and perseverance.

The winter is great, because it allows you to see the true tranquility of nature, in all of her pristine beauty. When you are watching the moon shine over a field of snow, there is nothing like it. The winter is free from bugs, mosquitoes and people. Winter is the one time you can go and truly experience the elements.

How to Plan for Camping

It requires more planning than regular camping. There is severe weather, more chances of danger and injury and a sense of the unknown. Avalanches, falling trees and bad weather are just a few possibilities of what can happen when camping. But with a small amount of thinking and planning, you’ll be able to set up a wonderful, winter time camping trip.

cold-weather-campingThe first rule when camping is to keep warm. Your body loses heat fast. Being unprepared for cold can be the difference between a good trip and a trip that is a disaster. The cold is unforgiving, it’s relentless and if you’re wet, forget about it. Extreme cold can even result in hypothermia. Hypothermia does not have to occur in water. It happens when your body lose heat faster than it can produce it. As long as you get ready with the right gear, none of this should be a problem to you. A thick bag, winter tint and extra layer of clothes should suffice you in most situations.

When you’re selecting your gear and clothing, do it right

Make sure you understand the principles of layering properly. You need to wear your clothing in proper order. Typically, it’s your underwear first. And that can be made of a synthetic of some kind. Wool also works well.

When you’re dealing with cold, wool will work nine times out of ten. I can’t think of one time that wool won’t work. Wool is good because it insulates, dries fast, and even when it’s wet it will block the wind. Wool is one of those magical materials that can save your life when the weather gets cold. Take it from someone who was a Bering Sea Fisherman for eight years, there is nothing better than wool. Except maybe a few different synthetics.

But for the most part, wool always wins. Understanding your situation, your gear and your area that you’re camping in will be the reason your camping trip is successful. Take time to research, take time to study your environment, and make sure above all else that you’re prepared. As long as you do that, you’ll be good to go this winter. So get ready, and have fun camping.