The Best Yoga Trainers Practice These 7 Self-Care Methods


Teaching yoga may be a wonderful career choice, but it takes a lot of time, effort, and energy. If you’re not careful, it can take its toll. Yoga teachers must avoid burnout by practicing self-care methods as it’s important to keep their enthusiasm for yoga alive.

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Yoga Teachers Provide a Wealth of Knowledge

When you teach yoga, you provide a service. You share your knowledge, you guide others and you help them to achieve their goals. It’s a satisfying career, one which helps many people to increase health, to overcome injuries and to tone and shape up. As a yoga teacher, you must gain your students’ trust and be dedicated to helping them to achieve their health potential. There’s no doubt that being a yoga teacher is incredibly rewarding but, it can also be a big responsibility of care and often, yoga teachers feel drained after a while.

If you teach yoga full time, you are likely to be giving a lot of classes and traveling from various locations or providing workshops and retreats. Sometimes, you may feel a little isolated or lost or perhaps, have become jaded by the demands on your time. Therefore, looking after yourself is of the utmost importance. Otherwise, if you do not, how can you provide 100% to your students?

Dedicate Time to Your Own Practice

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When you spend most of your time teaching others, it’s all too easy to lose track of your own yoga practice. Keeping yourself strong, healthy and flexible is important and if you go more than a few days without practicing, you may start to feel resentful or even irritated. So, practice a little each day. If necessary, perform five sun salutations or create a short yoga sequence to help offset your feelings.

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