Every Runner Should Do Yoga To Achieve THESE Enhanced Abilities


There are many different types of yoga for runners. Practicing yoga can be a great way for running pros, and amateurs alike to up their game and speed. Here’s how.

Yoga For Runners

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Cross training is an important part of any athlete’s routine. Cross training refers to exercising outside of one’s sport. Football players take ballet, ballerinas do Pilates, and now runners are practicing yoga. Yoga for runners is a great way to prevent injury, increase speed, and reduce pain.

Speed is strongly correlated to form and posture. Yoga helps you get back to your starting point. After a long run, your sore and aching muscles need a release. Your brain might also need a break. Yoga does all of that.

First of all, Yoga can prevent injury for many athletes. Yoga promotes mobility and creates a mind-body connection needed to push through a long run. When joints are stiff, and certain muscles are tighter than others, imbalances in the body can lead to injury. Specifically tights hip, calves, or back muscles can lead to terrible running form. Yoga helps to correct these imbalances.

Increased range of motion not only increase speed, it also alleviates soreness. There’s nothing worse than starting a long run already feeling sore. Use yoga in between runs to free your body of previous ailments.

Mental Toughness

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There’s more to Yoga for runners than just physical benefits. Running is just as much a mental sport as it is physical. It takes great determination and focus to complete a long journey. Yoga helps runners to achieve mental peace of mind.

Use breathing techniques, and meditation to fuel your next run. You might just be able to go a bit further. Some runners even credit their yoga training for their ability to get through particularly challenging runs. Holding poses and breathing through discomfort teaches a runner how to push themselves in the best way.

There are many yoga poses for runners classes offered around the country, as well as online. Will you be adding yoga to your regular cross-training routine?