Why Children Need To Embrace The Yoga Way From A Young Age


There’s nothing like a family being united through yoga. If you have children, why not enthrall their natural curiosity and show them some yoga poses? Yoga for children has so many benefits and you’ll be teaching them a healthy way of being for life.

yoga for children

The Benefits of Yoga for Children

Yoga supports everyone in the same way, no matter their age or abilities. Children love to try new things, so when you show them some yoga postures, you help them become excited about something healthy. It’s educational but it’s fun too. Plus, it really aids their development on a physical and emotional level.

Yoga for Children – Develop a Love of the Stretch

Yoga is all about the stretching and developing and sustaining flexibility. Children love to exercise, and through yoga, they can develop a love of fitness going forward. It’s only as we approach adulthood and succumb to the stresses of modern life that we lose the habit of exercising. Yoga as a way of life will see them through their adult years and they will achieve and maintain many benefits.

Teach Children to Value Physical Health

Yoga is a fabulous way to teach children to value their physical self. Yoga, although gentle, offers variety for young minds and gives them plenty of healthy challenges. If you make it fun and let them copy your postures, you will naturally engage their minds. Once they are in the pose, gradually help them to develop an awareness of the alignment required. 

yoga for children

Yoga for Children – De-Stress

Children get their share of anxiety too, even if they do not always understand why or what is happening around them. It is important that they understand the principles of relaxation. Of course, they may not embrace it in the same way that adults do. Children look at life very differently, and by planting the seed, you help them to view life with clarity. 

The Yoga Map for health

It’s the perfect roadmap for health and well-being on a life-long basis. More importantly, it is something that the whole family can do together. Children absorb the lessons of life from their parents and their friends and family. So by making yoga an integral part of your family life, it becomes ingrained as something highly positive.