Ten Incredible Reasons to Start Your Day the Yoga Way


If you struggle to kick-start your day, you need yoga. Pure and simple, it’s the perfect way to energize mind and body and to tackle the day in a positive manner. You may not feel like performing your yoga sequence first thing, but your body needs it. Here’s why.


1. Yoga – become a morning person

It may be that you love to lie in bed for as long as possible every morning and wait until the last moment to head off to work, but, if you develop yoga as a positive behavior and start every day the yoga way, your day will go so much better, seriously. Every minute of life is precious, don’t waste it by sleeping for too long.

2. Shake off the shackles of sedentary life

If your job involves sitting for long periods of time, then, practicing yoga first thing in the morning is just what your body needs. You can stretch out all those tightened muscles and immediately feel better. Yoga is adaptive, it works for you giving you what your body needs. Practice back-bends so that you can eradicate all the damage that slouching does during the day and open the muscles that tighten around the hips. Once you get into the habit of practicing yoga each morning, you’ll find that your posture improves dramatically.

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