You Are Important – Self-Care Techniques That Really Work


How often do you truly relax or give yourself permission to unwind? All too often, we work in a fast-paced society and even during downtime, we juggle yet more chores and stressors. Self-care is important and something we should all make space for.


Self-Care – You Are the First Priority

We often feel selfish if we consider our own needs first and yet, self-care is everything. We spend so much time thinking about and helping others, that it’s important we do a little self-nurturing. The problem for many people is that it can be difficult to find time in an already over-flowing day. Letting go of stress and recharging emotional, physical, and mental batteries is of the utmost importance.

Making yourself a priority may not come easy. If work and home life are scheduled out, try adding a “what about me” notice to the list and schedule a little time for whatever you want to do. This could be as simple as pampering yourself or meeting up with friends or even have ten minutes of “you time” sitting in the garden and letting go of the daily stressors. It’s all about you. Do what works for you.

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