11 Incredible Reasons You Should Practice Yoga Every Day


Yoga has some amazing health benefits, especially when practiced regularly. Increased flexibility and toning, as well as the shaping of your physique, are just two great benefits that lead people to fully embrace Hatha yoga. But you may not know about these other fantastic benefits.


1) Yoga and Self-Esteem

Self-esteem and confidence levels often fluctuate throughout life. This is because we are often subjected to some very real challenges. As a result, we can lose faith in our own abilities. We start to second-guess our performance and decisions. Want to boost your self-esteem levels? Concentrate on the yoga core strengthening postures and utilize breathing techniques alongside them. As you start to progress and increase core strength, you will naturally feel better about yourself. Your posture will improve too. You’ll notice it and so will others.

2) Fighting Depression


It is easy to slip into a state of depression. Life often throws a curveball at us, which can be hard to dodge. Some obstacles are easy to sidestep or manage but we are all faced with the traumas of life, which can lead to fluctuating moods. If clinical depression is present, it can be very difficult to balance these chemical fluctuations in the brain. Yoga can really help to fight depression. When you practice yoga regularly, it increases the level of the amino acid GABA and as this works to increase feelings of calmness through the nervous system.

3) Stress-Busting

Daily stressors can hold an extraordinary amount of power over us. We may feel that we are on top of things or at least manage to keep our heads above water. However, it doesn’t take much for increased workloads, difficulties at home, or ill-health to upset the gentle balance of life. If stress is left unresolved, the negative effects can be huge. If you’ve been feeling tired or unwell and have more problems than you know how to deal with, then you are probably stressed. It can be difficult to deal with stressors, especially when they occur in multiples. With fatigue comes a muddled mind. Fortunately, yoga can increase clarity of mind so that you can think through problems but it also has a calming effect and balances hormonal secretions. This, in turn, soothe the stress response.

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