If you think we’re going to stop with just three DIY projects using string lights, you’re wrong.

Just like string lights, this will be a series. (Although most string lights these days actually uses parallel instead of series connection.)

Here are more DIY projects using string lights that will fill your homes with their divine glow:

DIY Projects Using String Lights: Wall Art http://www.joann.com/glitter-and-lights-canvas/0565874P27.html

Let’s up your wall art game even though you don’t know how to paint or  a photography afficionado.

You are just going to need a blank canvas, glue, brush, some glitters, and string lights.

First thing you need to do after getting the supplies is to apply watered-down glue on the canvas with the brush. You may use paint brush or foam brush.

Cover the whole canvas or just half of it. Pour glitters on the glued part of the canvas. Make sure that the glitters are spread evenly and that no white space remains on the glued part.

Poke holes that are barely bif enough for the string lights’ bulbs. Insert the bulbs one by one on the holes.

You now have a wall art for your living room or bedroom.

Read a full tutorial here.

Glass Luminaries http://fyeahcooldormrooms.com/page/170

Glass luminaries are some of the DIY projects with string lights that have different versions.

Most of the time, the effect people want to achieve here is the illusion of captured fireflies in glass containers.

You can make cute luminaries by placing string lights in multiple beer or wine bottles that are made from colored glass. Even though your string lights have the usual color, the colored glass will give off a different glow.

You can also make glass luminaries by putting string lights in clear glass containers. For a fancier look, you can layer the lights with tulle or other sheer fabric and some seashells or beads.

Instead of fabric, you can also put burlap and/or soft twigs.

You can replace the other contents of the jar every time you are celebrating an occasion. For example:

  • During Halloween, you can place plastic creepers and faux cobwebs.
  • For Christmas, put glittered twigs and other ornaments inside.
  • During Thanksgiving, you can put some straws of hay and baby pumpkins.

Chandelier DIY Projects with String Lights http://sarahontheblog.blogspot.com.au/2012/04/hula-hoop-chandelier.html

You don’t have to spend hundreds of bucks just to have fancy chandeliers. With the help of string lights and some readily available materials, you can put chandeliers in every room of your house.

Hang a base or install a base on the ceiling and drape the string lights on it.

You can use tree branches, old umbrella, or old hula hoops as base. Old bicycle tires are also a good option.

Fabric Bed Posts http://rouvajonesinkotona.blogspot.com/2012/12/johannan-kotona-kaikkien-aikojen-joulu.html

Sleep like a princess with this DIY bedposts.

First, install some hooks on your room’s ceiling, directly above the foot of your bed.

Next, hang string lights and a piece of sheer fabric that should sandwich or cover the string lights.

Add some fabric flower garlands to complete the effect.

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