The Perfect Tips For High Efficiency On The Yoga Mat


We all strive for the perfect yoga practice, but sometimes it takes just a few tweaks to the postures or changes to the session itself to keep it fresh. If you want to accelerate your progress and improve your time on the yoga mat, take a look at these great tips.  

yoga practiceIt’s important to keep your yoga practice fresh. Time on the yoga mat is important but it’s easy to become distracted. If you are finding your sessions boring or are not progressing sufficiently, you may suddenly start skipping a session or two.  

Keep a Yoga Journal

When you start a yoga journal, you can record your thoughts and feelings about your own progress. Include details of the classes you are taking or information about your home practice sessions. What do these sessions reveal about you? Are you practicing regularly? Are your sessions becoming shorter or less ordered?

Most importantly, are you trying to avoid those hard-to-do postures? You may have discovered personal growth in the things you have learned. Or maybe you captured doubts about your abilities on the mat. It’s satisfying when you look back through the journal and discover you have moved beyond those initial doubts.  

yoga practiceCreate a Yoga Space

Your yoga practice deserves its own space. When you do so, this space becomes sacred to you and it helps you to get into the right frame of mind straight away. If you have a spare room in your house, try to maximize the space so that it becomes yours and is welcoming. Equally, take your practice out into the garden. Wherever you choose, make sure there is space for easy movement.

Yoga Practice and Meditation

There’s no doubt that yoga and meditation complement each other beautifully. Each enhances the other and although they can be practiced separately, together they maximize the benefits. Enter a quiet state of contemplation before you start. Engage with your body and calm your thoughts. Do the same at the end when you enter the corpse posture (savasana). Then embark upon a meditative practice.

Mindfulness Improves SleepSilence Self-Doubts

There will always be times when you wonder if you are actually progressing or even feel that you have not mastered certain postures. Perhaps you have an injury and this is hampering your progression or you may struggle to motivate yourself. Whatever your doubts, just acknowledge that they exist but do not judge yourself harshly. If motivation is a problem, add different postures to the session or try new styles. Personalize your yoga sessions and make them work for you. Keep momentum and motivation keen.