Reflect On Everything You Are Thankful For In These Grateful Yoga Poses


Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of year to reflect on our many blessings. It’s also a time when exercise routines and peace of mind might fall by the wayside. Use these grateful yoga poses to not only increase your thankfulness, but also keep your body moving during the holidays.

Grateful Yoga Poses

Keeping up with your Yoga routine during the Holidays can be harder than ever. With scattered holiday parties, so many tempting treats, and tons of festive treats, it can be tempting to skip out regular practice.

However, this is the time when you need your exercise the most. Maintaining a regular schedule will allow you to keep peace of mind throughout the Holiday. This should be a time of reflection and appreciation. However, many of us lose sight of what’s important and become swallowed in the stress of shopping, family drama, and cooking.

Use these grateful yoga poses to help you remember what really matters at this time of year.

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Firstly, start in a child’s pose. Child’s pose is a great place to start any practice. It releases tension in the hips and back. While you are down there begin breathing in and out as you focus on all of the things in your life you appreciate.

Secondly, move into cobra pose. Extend your spine, and allow your chest to open expansively. Gaze up at the sky and visualize the vast blessings you have been given. This heart opener will have you feeling more grateful than ever.

Thanks For A Healthy Body

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Thirdly, move into cat cow pose. Notice how your spine is able to flex and extend, keeping your breathing in tune with your movement. Take a moment to be thankful for all your body is capable of. Notice its beautiful design and perfect curvature.

Standing Forward Fold
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Finally, move into standing forward fold. This pose stretches your hamstrings and allows you to tune into your legs and feet. Rock slowly from ankles to toes, and feel all four corners of your feet. Remind yourself of the long journey you have traveled through life thus far. Your legs have taken you to amazing places. You’ve traveled physically and metaphorically through many life challenges. You will find many more. Be thankful for all of those life experiences, and hopeful for the future.

We hope these grateful yoga poses soothe you this Holiday season.