These Benefits Of Doing Free Yoga At Home (Beyond Saving Money), Are Often Overlooked


Have you considered adding Yoga to your exercise routine, but felt deterred by high class prices? Is the idea of shelling out upwards of 25 dollars per class unappealing? Here’s how you can enjoy free Yoga at home and reap the many benefits of a regular practice.

Free Yoga At Home

Many yogis have discovered the beauty of free yoga on the internet. While online classes can’t entirely replace the experience of attending a studio, they are certainly a great alternative for those on a tight budget.

Yoga classes are pricey. Some students pay 20 dollars a class. Some even pay upwards of 45 to get into renowned teachers’ classrooms. For someone looking to get fit or find peace of mind, but not break the bank, Youtube yoga classes are a great alternative.

There are many free yoga classes on Youtube to choose from. Five Parks Yoga is a great example of a wonderful yoga youtube channel to follow. Five Parks Yoga is hosted by Erin Sampson and is filmed in both Costa Rica and Colorado. Each class has a beautiful and inspiring backdrop.

Erin does a great job of keeping the flow of each class going and instructing students at home. Another great positive about online classes is your ability to pick and choose a focus. Five Parks offers tons of videos, each with a distinct theme and goal. If one day you want to focus on your core, you can choose that video specifically. The next day you might really need a hip opener, and there’s a video for that. This way you can listen to your body and its needs.

Yoga With Adriene

Another great Youtube yoga channel is Yoga With Adriene. Adriene’s classes are similar to Erin’s. However, she also has videos aimed at specific types of athletes. For example, there’s a video aimed at golfer’s needs. 

Once you find a free yoga class online that you like, you can bookmark it and repeat it over and over again. A quick internet search will bring up thousands of options. There’s no need to shell out tons of money when you can have a whole library of classes at your fingertips.