Are you considering adding morning Yoga to your routine? Here are ten reasons to hit your mat earlier in the day.

Morning Yoga Benefits

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There are many morning yoga benefits to consider. When scheduling in your weekly or daily yoga practice, consider penciling in time in the morning. Here’s why you won’t regret it.

Firstly, morning yoga is instinctual. Most people feel the need to stretch in the morning. You’ve probably let our a groan or two, waking up stiff and sore. While we sleep our body repairs itself, but it also gets locked into positions from stagnancy. Morning yoga gets your blood flowing, and works out the kinks right away.

Secondly, morning yoga just might allow you to kick your caffeine habit. If you feel dependent on a cup of joe in the AM, yoga might help you bite the habit. While coffee is a great antioxidant, too much caffeine can be very poor for your health. Yoga invigorates the body, and brings about an awareness and fresh mind. Practicing morning yoga will stimulate your mind body connection, and get you ready for the day.

Thirdly, having a morning routine makes people more productive. Having a reason to get up and out of bed, and begin a routine will help you in other areas of your life. You’ll feel accomplished after your morning yoga, and will be more motivated to take on even more tasks.

Feel The Glow

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Many yogis experience a euphoric feeling after their practice. The endorphins we receive when exercising help us feel great. Why not start off the day with that awesome feeling, rather than ending with it. You’ll set yourself up for a great day if you begin with endorphins rushing through your body.

Finally, a morning yoga practice will ensure that you fit in your daily exercise. As adults we need to make sure we’re moving every day in some capacity for optimal health. If you wait to exercise after a long and hard day of work you might be more tempted to skip the yoga studio or gym. Hitting the mat in the morning ensures you’ll get it done.

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