Essential Oils To Fight The Sudden Increase In Anxiety


Aromatherapy essential oils have a long history of healing both mind and body. Extracted from roots, leaves, bark, or flowers, these are natural aids to lessen the negative effects of anxiety. When you feel anxiety levels rising, try these oils to calm the mind and help you feel more in control.

aromatherapy essential oils

Using Aromatherapy Essential Oils

One of the most powerful ways of using essential oils is through the blood supply to the brain. They absorb through nerve pathways and have an emotional, immunological, and neurological effects. They are powerful and quick to use as a treatment. Apply to the body or face and the oils absorb through the skin. When inhaled, they have a healing impact on the throat, lungs, and sinuses. They also improve circulatory problems using a massage.

Aromatherapy Essential Oils for Anxiety

aromatherapy essential oils


Many people use aromatherapy essential oils as they contain so many healing properties and there will be oils that work on a personal level for you easing high levels of anxiety. They work incredibly well when inhaling because your sense of smell creates a very powerful emotional response. As we inhale, it affects the area of the brain next to the limbic region and this area deals with the processing of emotions and memory recall.

As you inhale, molecules from the essential oil enter the nose and this triggers a response in the limbic system of the brain. Each of the essential oils has unique properties– some will be calming, others energizing, and so on. They can lower blood pressure levels, be calming, or energizing. They regulate the impact of stress and stabilize hormones.  Aromatherapy essential oils are incredibly versatile.  Treat yourself to an aromatherapy diffuser and add a few drops to it and inhale deeply. Or if you want to soak in a hot bath, choose your favorite aromatherapy essential oil and inhale this healing oil through the steam. Oils can also be added to candles, a fan, or a humidifier.  

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