Easy DIY Lanterns are popular for both outdoor and indoor parties. It’s also great for everyday decorations inside the house. They are an excellent decoration because it can adapt to a wide array of themes, color schemes and locations.

This is if we use the right materials and designs for our lanterns. You just need to base your colors and types of materials on your occasion.

There are many ways and versions in doing lanterns. From simple paper bag lanterns to the more intricate Moroccan and stained glass lanterns.

Without further ado, below are some of the Easy DIY lanterns using different materials for different occasions. Make them as inspiration or follow the step by step tutorial and recreate these easy DIY lanterns.

Easy DIY Lanterns Using Mason Jars



Mason jars are perhaps the most popular option for outdoor and indoor lanterns. Using candles or light bulbs and other readily available materials, these can be transformed to fit every occasion.

For weddings, mason jars covered with lace will be perfect. You could also try using frosted glass for a more whimsical effect.

Decoupaging the glass with various colored tissue paper or Japanese paper to create a stained glass effect. This will be perfect for birthdays or for everyday room decor.

For a more environment-friendly alternative, solar lights can be used instead of candles or electric bulbs.

Easy DIY Lanterns Using Cans http://thinlyspread.co.uk/2013/11/22/how-to-make-tin-can-lanterns-for-festive-friday/

Cans are also perfect for outdoor decorations. Most cans are rust-proof making them able to stand the test of time and harsh weather conditions.

But cans are opaque, aren’t they? It’s not a problem.

When using cans for lanterns, we are not after the illumination they will provide. They are perfect for mood lighting.

Using small nails and a hammer, just poke holes in the can to make the outline of your desired image. The light will pass through the holes and form the image on your wall.

Although f you want to carve intricate patterns, you should use a soda can as they are made of thinner material which you can cut using a regular box cutter.

Easy DIY Paper Lanterns http://www.architecturendesign.net/20-amazing-diy-paper-lanterns-and-lamps/

Paper lanterns are perfect for people who love easy to make crafts.

Although they might only be used for a limited time outdoors, these are the most versatile type of lanterns. Paper is very easy to decorate and come in various colors and forms.

Paper bags with a bit of sand and a candle is the simplest form of lantern anyone can do. It will be better if you draw patterns on the paper.

Those foldable paper lanterns can also be customized by using different kinds of papers.

Lastly, gluing colorful cupcake liners will create a floral illusion to the lantern. Attaching multiple layers of cone-shaped papers will make the paper lantern look like a modernist pendant lamp which will be perfect for bedrooms.

They can also simply be placed at the end of a bamboo stick to create an Asian-inspired look to your patio or house.

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