The Deeply Rooted Influence of Animals in Yoga Postures


Yoga postures often reflect nature in an easy and fluid way and afford a spiritual calm. Yoga brings clarity of mind and inner peace to all who practice it. But there is also a strong connection to the animal world. Where did these influences come from?

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Animals and the History of Yoga

Many religious traditions, including those from Eastern cultures, such as Buddhism, Jainism, and Hinduism, use animals in a symbolic way. No doubt these religions also had an influence on early yoga practices. The connection between yoga and animals was forged very early.

Animals played a very important role in society back in ancient times and it makes sense that their influence would attach itself to other practices followed by the people of the region and time. The concept was that the spiritual side of the natural world could be a great teacher to mankind if it was possible to tap into this abundant spiritual flow.

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