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If running alone can make you slim, why not lose belly fats just by doing a couple of fitness evolution stints? Learn the tricks of the kettlebell swing and squat thrust combined.

The secret is in the numerous repetitions. Go through these steps and see how it feels:


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Trick One – Kettlebell Swing

1. Make use of a kettlebell and swing 15 times. Do it as below:

  • Feet hip-width apart while standing, chest brought up with shoulders pushed back in a downward motion. ‘
  • Squat down slowly while having a grip on the kettlebell with palms facing yourself, thumbs wrapped loosely around the handle.
  • Soften the knees, allow shifting your body weight into your heels then lower your rear end back and down toward the wall at your back.
  • Swing it by sending pressure to your hips then the weight itself should make it swing upward from your quads.
  • On decent shift weight back into your heels while still hinging at the hips then weight will allow it to swing back.
  • Make the transition from backward to forward.


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Trick Two – Squat Thrust

2. Without any break from the kettlebell, also do the squat thrust 15 times. It is done as follows:

  • Right standing position is with feet shoulder-width apart and arms on the sides.
  • Lower body down into a squat position then place both hands on the floor in front of you to support body.
  • Kick both legs back into a plank position.
  • Jump back forward to return to the squat position.
  • Return to the basic standing position.

Belly Fat Burning Circuit

The combined fitness evolution stints at 15 times each are equivalent to one circuit of the belly fat burning routine. You have to do a total of 14 circuits. Basically this is a numbers game but easy and quick to do in a daily basis. Exercise should not be tough. It is a science. So doing the simple math on your body can result to a transformation that you never dreamed possible. As easy as that!

Balance it Out (If you want)

There’s no doubt that the problem in your belly will be resolved in time. It just depends on how dedicated you are with the workout. Just in case you wanted to trim down all over your body, it would be easier now to do walking, jogging, swimming, aerobics and bicycling. You’ll definitely need more physical activities after feeling lighter as your lump fades away.

You are what you eat they say, so eat more protein as you evolve into a leaner person that you want to be. Lifestyle change is essential to not put your efforts into waste. It will be detrimental to wake up one day with that bulging stomach again. Get busy by trying to not sit all day. Join a fitness race socially and watch inspiring health shows – that would motivate you further. Who knows, you might end up becoming an avid health buff!

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