Vermont University Did Something All Universities Should Do


Many businesses, college campuses, and individuals are realizing the benefits of Yoga more and more. People are catching on to the wonderful positive change Yoga can make in a person’s life. University of Vermont has decided to help their students reap in those benefits with University Yoga classes.

University Yoga To Students

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UVM has decided to help their students reap the benefits of a regular Yoga practice. University Yoga will be offered to students in a new dorm building on campus. 

The new dorm called the “WE,” For The University Wellness Environment is a drug and alcohol free building. Students who choose to live there may have an atypical college experience. Many associated college with experimental drug use, partying, and alcohol. However, students in this dorm can study in peace, away from the chaos of the party scene.

In addition to the dry living environment, residents in the dorm regularly attend a class entitled Healthy Brains, Healthy Bodies. In the class they will learn all about the importance of brain health and function. They are also granted access to free Yoga classes, allowing them to put this new knowledge to use. The building offers healthy food plans, and mediation classes. Furthermore, nutrition and fitness coaches are readily available.

The Power Of Yoga

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This dorm sounds like a wellness junkie’s paradise. University yoga classes are a great idea, and we hope they catch on at other schools. Students at the University are under lots of pressure. They are just becoming adults. Lastly, they are heading out into the stressful real world. They need to be able to deal with the stress of adulthood, and balance their new lifestyles. 

Having University Yoga readily available will improve their quality of life tremendously. Imagine taking a study break on your mat. Regular practice can increase focus and productivity. We predict students sore to the top of their classes.