There are life lessons that can only be learned if you experience it firsthand. This applies to children as well. As a grandparent or a parent, you always want to protect your child and teach them the easy way. However, learning lessons this way is not always possible. For some things, it’s better to let children go through the process and let them learn the hard way. Life lessons children need to lean on their ownCredits: Adobe Stock

The following are some of the most valuable lessons that Grandparents or Parents can teach in concept only. In those cases, it’s up to them to guide and support those children through the experience.


The song lyric, “honesty is such a lonely word,” clearly shows that there are only a handful of honest people in the world. Typically, children lie as self-defense. It’s part of growing up. However, it should not be an excuse just to let those white lies pass. Teach children the importance of honesty and the consequence of lying. Being honest is showing that you value yourself more than anything else. More often than not,  no matter how hard we try to teach them, they just prefer learning this lesson the hard way.

There will always be consequences

There’s a reason why we ask children to obey the rules; to make sure that nobody will get hurt. Grandparents and parents will always ask their children not to play with fire because we all know the consequence if we get burned. But children don’t since they’ve never experienced it. It may be very hard for them to understand why we ask them not to do this and not to do that. Unfortunately, sometimes we just have to bite our tongue and watch them get hurt.

Experience is the only way kids can understand that some things will result in pain. Children often act out of pure curiosity. And no matter what you do to protect them, they’ll always try their best to do the exact opposite. After getting hurt, they’ll then learn that what you’re saying is the truth and they’ll trust you more next time.

Life is unfair

As a parent, it’s hard for me to teach my children that not everything will go their way. There are instances they have to give way no matter how right they seem to be. Teaching children that life is unfair can be quite difficult, but you as a supportive parent it is your duty to do so. Guidance and encouragement are the only things you can do at this moment for them.

When your child is hurt, you hurt with them. But it’s essential they need to learn discouragement for them to survive life. Not everything will be perfect in this world, and teaching children early about failure or discouragement will make them strong and responsible adults in the future.

Children need to learn these lessons first hand, even if it hurts them. Life is indeed hard, but with guidance and support from grandparents and parents alike, children can become healthy, mature, and responsible individuals.


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