New Rage Yoga, Encourages Swearing in Class


Yoga is a bit too much for some people. The art of ZEN may not be entirely attractive to you. That’s OK, because a yoga studio in Calgary is trying something different. They’re helping people with more than just stretching. They’re also teaching people how to have more fun, live with humor and drop f bombs to help reach a zen state. As they put it, “We’re teaching people to be Zen as f***.”

New Rage Yoga with Lindsay Istace

The studio is called Rage Yoga and the studio is not about essential oils. The studio is actually a pub in a basement and they’ve partitioned off the yoga section from the main bar with curtains. The classes are only $12 a class. Each class also comes with tickets to get beer from the bar. According to rage, beer is the best way to replenish yourself after a long yoga session – full of cursing, of course.

The owner of the yoga studio, Lindsay Istace began teaching yoga for her clients after years of feeling uncomfortable in traditional studios.

Lindsay said, “Before I found my practice I was a stress case all the time!” She also wrote on her website, “My mind was constantly running a mile a minute and I couldn’t slow down. I had zero confidence, rage issues and, on top of it all, the muscle mass of a kitchen sponge.”

The classes she teaches now help a lot of people. They’re based on the Vinyasa flow. They’ve given her a “Strong body-mind connection and a new appreciation for her body,” she says. “I learned how to slow my mind, feel good in my body and built some decent pipes while I was at it.”

Does the swearing really matter though? She claims it does 100%. She insists you think about how much better you feel after you shout out a curse word. At least a very loud “darn” is good enough in many instances. According to Lindsay, when you’re upset about a situation, cursing boosts your mood instantly.

Yoga With Cursing?

Lindsay is not alone on her belief about swearing. Science has also proven, cursing helps to create more brain tolerance for situations. Lindsay went on to say, “It changed my life and I want to share the gift with you.”

new rage yogaIstace writes for her classes on her website too. She’s also has big plans for the future. Istace plans on launching an in-demand yoga class for people who don’t live in Calgary. In Lindsay’s words, Rage Yoga is all about attitude. It’s about helping her clients reach a higher level of confidence and give a zero f***s attitude.

I fully support Rage Yoga. Studies have also shown that people who swear are more authentic. When cursing and meditation/yoga are combined you allow yourself to become who you really are. And there isn’t a better gift to give yourself than allowing yourself to be human and authentic. In a society where almost everything is politically incorrect, swearing should be the least of our worries.