DIY projects with socks are a great idea for those lone pieces that will never see their partner again.

You can also use old socks (that haven’t lost their better half) that you can or are willing to spare.

The best thing about socks is that you will have a knit material. Perfect if you can’t or are too lazy to knit.

Here are DIY projects with socks you can easily make at home:

Wine Bottle Wraps

If you are going to bring wine to parties or are planning to gift some to friends, it would be a great idea to wrap them with something.

For example, you could cut the straight part of a sock and use it as a wine wrap. Make a hem on the part that you cut to avoid the fibers from unraveling.

Finish your wrap with burlap or twine ribbons, and some gift tags.

Candle Cozies / Coffee Cozies

You could also wrap an old sock around a candleholder to transform it into a holiday decor. Just select the colors that complement the Holiday feel or ambiance.

Old thick socks can make a perfect coffee cozy. They’re perfect so that you can easily identify your coffee, and they are more environment-friendly than the usual paper cozies.

You can reuse them every time you are going to grab a coffee from your usual coffee shop. They will also fit all the sizes of your coffee cup.

DIY Projects Using Socks: Ear Warmer

When they have served their purpose of warming your feet, repurpose them so they can warm your ears. Also perfect if you are not a fan of knit hats.

The motto for most of the DIY projects with socks listed here: For when you are too lazy to knit.

Simply loop a pair of socks with each other, and secure them by stitching the ends together.

This can serve as headbands for not so cold days and ear warmers for “oh, it suddenly went cold” day.

See full instructions here.

Arm Warmers/Fingerless Gloves

Something that can make you wear those trendy 3/4 sleeves outfit during the cold weather.

Create arm warmers by cutting an old sock and stitching a lace on one end. This can look like sleeves of a sweater that you can just top with any of your usual outerwear.

You can also make some boot socks using these steps. This will be a nice addition to your Boho look.

Just wear it on the part of your leg near the top of the boots to make it look like you are wearing long socks.

Make a hem on the part you have cut and put a hole on its side if you prefer fingerless gloves. Make sure to stitch the sides of the hole for your thumb.

Coin Purse

This project uses old (or new baby socks) to create adorable coin purses.

Simply attach a coin purse hardware on the opening of a baby sock with the use of the needles and embroidery thread.

This can also be done for adult socks, and will be a perfect substitute for Christmas stockings.

Read the full tutorial here.

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