Positive Affirmations That Will Prevent You From Worrying Too Much


Change – isn’t it something we all fear? We are thrust into uncharted territory and yes, it’s daunting. The ground is suddenly shaky beneath us and the way forward is shrouded in mystery. So, instead of worrying, focus instead on positive affirmations and create strong foundations for change.

positive affirmations

Are you a creature of habit?

Most of us are creatures of habit. There’s nothing wrong in finding out what works for you on a personal level and sticking to it, but, it is important to be adaptive too. This alone can take us out of our comfort zone and the untrod path can be quite difficult to follow. This is why positive affirmations can be incredibly useful.

When change is dictated to us

A sudden change of job role or, the acquisition of new skills such as having to speak in public. This puts incredible pressure on people especially if they have never done it before and do not know that they are capable of standing up and presenting. So, sometimes, challenges take us way beyond our experiences. If you suffer a sudden romantic break-up, this can shake the foundations of your being. You have to pick up the pieces and go solo. It may not be what you want to do and so, you have to forge new foundations while in the midst of change.

Positive affirmations

When life is uncertain, you need to draw on your reserves, build upon them quickly and there’s no doubt that positive affirmations can help.  Affirmations are highly-powerful statements of intent. You must personalize them if you want them to work.  So, by writing your own, you charge them with intent. When you read them, do so with conviction and add tone and strength to the words.

I am ready to go with the flow of life

I am strong, resistant and flexible to all that comes my way

I am ready for change

positive affirmations

Writing positive affirmations

These are just examples. When you personalize them, you make them unique to you. Think about your situation. What do you want to happen because of your affirmations? Do you wish to overcome your fears about a particular situation or become more adaptive? Do you want to step up to a challenge? When you write your positive affirmations do so with intent and from the heart. They must mean something to you. When you do so, you create solid foundations on which to live and change is merely a new direction.