The Physical Effects of Emotional Abuse and How to Counteract Ill-Health


Emotional abuse can infiltrate the defenses of even the most confident person and manifest as a multitude of unpleasant physical symptoms which must be taken seriously. Fortunately, there’s a way to recover from the wounds caused by emotional bullying.

emotional abuse

Emotional Abuse – The Harsh Realities

Emotional abuse is far more common than many people think. It’s a silent crime. The abuser would never openly admit their actions and the victim is often too ashamed or anxious to talk about it. Emotional abuse affects all aspect of life. It is difficult to counteract the negative implications but recovery from abuse is possible. Firstly, if you are in the midst of this type of relationship, you may be feeling overwhelmed or perhaps there is a sense of disbelief.

We often witness abuse of sorts when young, this may be the cruel cutting words of someone we care about- parental spats which can cause great emotional pain. We may recognize this as cruelty and torment but this behavior may stay with us. Suddenly, in adult life, we become involved with someone who does the same thing. Often, by the time realization occurs, the damage is done.

The physical effects of emotional abuse are very real. People tend to think that that this type of abuse is less damaging than someone who has suffered within a violent relationship but the wounds of emotional abuse run very deep. While physical abuse can lead to a terrible outcome, emotional abuse can damage the person from the inside out.   

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