One of the most prominent enemies old age has to offer is joint pain; specifically, knee pain. Yes, we all heard of arthritis, and sad to say, there is actually no cure. However, there are treatments to lessen or dull the soreness as much as possible. So grandparents, make sure you follow these 3 tips to alleviate your knee pain.

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1. Grandparents Should Never Rest Too Much

Well, contrary as it may sound, resting too much is actually bad for you. If you rest too often, you will weaken your muscles – causing more joint pain. Just because you’re above 60 doesn’t mean you’re excused from exercising. The best thing to do is never to stay too idle in a day. Always make time to do something even if you’re just at home. The best solution is to find a daily exercise, one which does not require too much effort and strain on the body. If you think you’re unsure of a workout plan, go to your doctor or visit a physical therapist to give you some great options. The more you strengthen your muscles, the less prone you are to knee pain.

Lose a Couple of Pounds

The next tip is connected to the first one. Exercise is also a way to lose some unwanted weight and fat. But since you’re no longer as active as you were during your teens, you might have a tough time. However, you don’t have to worry. This is where diet comes in. Eat healthily and eat accordingly, don’t be tempted to drink beverages and eat more than your daily recommended calories intake. The heavier you are, the more strain you’re placing on your legs and knees.

This is one of the primary causes your knees ache when you stand up. Your bones and muscles are no longer that powerful. And you no longer can make it significantly stronger, but you can always lighten the load. If you’re still unsure of what you can and can’t eat, you have to visit your doctor. Then, plan a healthy diet and avoid what the doctor tells you to avoid – religiously. Remember, discipline is an improvement. The more you spoil yourself, the worse the consequences.

Wear Comfortable Cushioned Insoles

Your footwear plays a huge role when it comes to arthritis. You have to make sure that what you’re stepping on is soft and won’t take too much of a toll on your legs. The best thing you can do is to refrain from using flat shoes or shoes with heels as much as possible. Use slippers or flip-flops with a cushion to reduce the stress on your knees.

Grandparents, keep in mind that you can always go to a health boutique and tell them about your knee pain problem. They will give you an array of options. Most doctors will recommend cushioned insoles if you need to wear your shoes and go outside. As much as possible, never wear something uncomfortable. If there are special events that you have to dress up for, make sure that you find footwear that has the correct cushioning.

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